Spaceship-inspired New Mexico house for sale

A home for sale in New Mexico is gaining attention online after the current owner spent 21 years filling the interior with spaceship-inspired decor.

Marten Griego said he wasn’t satisfied with the paint job he was doing on the Albuquerque home when he first moved in two decades ago, so he redesigned a wall and fireplace after an imagined spaceship.

“It’s kind of like the edge of a cave. I thought of myself in the universe some place on another asteroid or something,” he told KOB-TV.

Griego said he then spent the ensuing years filling the home with 3D murals and other space-inspired decorations, including a high-tech kitchen.

“I would think that people are fascinated with something new. Something created by somebody that they’ve never seen before — and once again, when I was building it I didn’t even know what I was creating,” Griego said.

The house is being listed by Jonathan Ortiz and Alexandria Oberbeck of Southwest Elite Realty.

Ortiz said entering the house is akin to “walking into a museum.”

The real estate agents said there already has been interest in the home.

“So we actually have someone right now who wants to buy it as it. Furniture and all. They just love everything about it,” Oberbeck said.