Overdue library book returned to high school after 32 years

A high school in Britain said a former student mailed in an overdue library book that was originally supposed to have been returned 32 years earlier.

St. John Fisher Catholic High School in Peterborough, England, said a book called Manners Make a Difference arrived in the mail recently and officials soon discovered it had last been checked out from the school library 32 years earlier.

The book was accompanied by a note reading: “Sorry! Just 32 years overdue! Call it Catholic guilt.”

The book, published in 1954, offers advice on how to behave at school, in church and other social situations.

Rosie Roe, the school’s chief of administration, was the one who opened the package and identified its contents.

“It was a real surprise when I opened it and saw what was inside, I thought it’s a real shame they didn’t leave a name because I was at the school at that time and wonder if I know them,” Roe told the Peterborough Telegraph.

School officials calculated the book would have accrued about $1,163 in late fees, but they don’t intend to try to collect any money for the tardy tome.

Officials said the book is now considered outdated and will not be returned to circulation, instead going on display in the school’s study center.